pink gum, Jagger Rd, Waitpinga

This particular pink gum on Jagger Rd is close to  the corner of Jagger and Baum Rds in Waitpinga. It is an area where we often go for our poodwalks. 

On this occasion we were returning  to the studio via a back country road in the Forester. We had  been at   a photo session on  agricultural landscapes    and as we came to the corner  I saw the last rays of afternoon light falling across the  trunk of pink gum. I stopped the car, picked up the  digital camera and made the photo. 

Depledge Rd, Waitpinga

This picture of roadside vegetation along Depledge Rd in Waitpinga on the southern Fleurieu Peninsula is from the archives--around  2011 and made in the late afternoon whilst on a poodlewalk.  Since then  I have continued walking the back country roads and photographing  the roadside vegetation. 

Whilst doing so I  become slowly aware that the roadside vegetation in this region is slowly becoming less healthy.  When trees die, are strangled by box mistletoe infestation, or fall over in a storm they  are quickly chopped down for firewood. There is very little natural re-growth taking place within  the roadside vegetation  between the agricultural paddocks.  The  thinning tree canopy is noticeable,  as is the overall poor condition of the pink gums in this rural part of  the Mt Lofty Ranges.  

Pitkin Rd, Waitpinga

This  picture of  the corner of Francis and Pitkin Streets was made whilst I was on  an exploratory poodlewalk in Waitpinga. Pitkin Rd runs off Waitpinga Rd. This is  the  road you take to go to both Newland Head Conservation Park and the surf beaches---Waitpinga Beach  and Parsons Beach.

I was looking for different places close to the studio  to walk as I was bored walking along  the usual  back country country roads.    Both Pitkin and its side road--Francis Rd--  are no through roads,  as they just  lead to various farms or properties.  

The light has changed dramatically--I discovered that there is very little time between sunlight on the trees and no lighting on the cusp of autumn and winter.   I had taken a film camera and tripod with me, but I  wanted softer light. so  I went walking.  When I returned there  was no  time to set up  the camera and tripod. The soft light just vanished--there one minute, gone the next.

on Jagger Rd, Waitpinga

This photography a roadside tree  on Jagger Rd in Waitpinga is  from the archives. It was made whilst I was on a poodlewalk, or more accurately, I'd scoped the tree  whilst walking with the poodles in the afternoon, and I came back  latter to photograph it with the 5x4 Linhof Technika IV. 

I was interested in  photographing the roadside vegetation at that stage, as  this vegetation  was part of the remnants of the native bush in the predominantly agricultural  landscapes.   I'd noticed  that the roadside vegetation was slowly disappearing.