Kuitpo Forest

This picture was made whilst I was walking the poodles in the  Kuitpo Forest  after they had been clipped at the Mt Barker Dog Grooming Salon.  We pass the Kuitpo  Forest  on our way back to Encounter Bay,  and it is a good afternoon walking area for the poodles.  

The picture was made in 2015. I haven't made any film images in Kuitpo  Forest   since then--just digital ones.  

3 trunks

This scene is on  a part of the Heysen Trail in Waitpinga. I often walk along this section on a poodlewalk  as it is a strip of bush between farmland. 

I thought that working on this tree project that was working towards a photobook  was a waste of time. Then I came across the Melbourne Photobook collective  and William Stewart's On the Making of Trees-- which is an article about the process of making a photobook based on him  photographing trees over a number of  years.