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hanging bark #2/meditative seeing

The local bushland is becoming off limits in the afternoon due to the snakes coming out of their winter hibernation with  the warm spring weather. It is still okay to walk in the bushland  in the early morning before sunrise when it  is cold or wet from the heavy dew.  

I notice that this  Rhizomes blog was neglected during the autumn/winter period this year -- there is a gap between March and August. There is even greater neglect  with The Littoral Zone blog. I'm  sure this neglect  was the result of me struggling to put  the walking and the photography together as a process-based  photographic project. 

The photo below was made in early September 2023 whilst I was on a poodlewalk  in the late afternoon with Maleko:

Going back through the archives Rhizomes  and seeing what  I had photographed in the local bush during that March-August period I can see that an immersive style of walking was emerging: one that was reactive to what was occurring around me, rather than going into the bushland to photograph a  particular object in certain lighting conditions that had been pre-visualised.

On the September walk I was more conscious of  the walk  involving  being immersed in the bush and that there was an intuitive form of seeing  that premised on an meditative or empty-mindedness with its here and now moment. I had replaced the act of meditation with immersion and photography.

What I became conscious of was understanding that this kind of seeing and intuition was being integrated into a process-based walking photography practice. This opening oneself to the world of the local bushland with its immediacy of embodied perception  is a quite different approach  to the conceptualisation and philosophising approach to art. The former is where one's body  observes the world without forming any conceptualised or intellectual thought.