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bark, trees, roads, bushland


The trees, roads and vegetation  blog is a  photographic project mostly about these subjects whilst I am on various  poodlewalks  in the southern Fleurieu Peninsula,  and I am experimenting and playing around  photographically whilst on these walks. The blog  is part of a daily walking in the southern Fleurieu Peninsula. 

This approach photogpraphy can be seen in a  number of blog--- abstraction, the Littoral zone,  trees etc and  Fleurieuscapes that explore different aspects of what I seen on the daily walks.  The central website for the locally based  walking photography  is  poodlewalks, since a lot of this kind of photography is made whilst I am walking the standard poodles in the morning and afternoon. 

Occasionally photographs of walks done outside of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula will appear on the blog.