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bark, trees, roads, bushland

hanging bark

I noticed this hanging bark whilst I was walking along Depledge Rd in Waitpinga on an early morning poodlewalk with Kayla. We have a routine  on this walk. We walk  along the road before sunrise,  then we return to the Forester  via  the bushland. We walk through the bushland is slow as I am  taking photos.  

The bark is on the roadside, hanging from a branch.  It is kind of  sculptural; a mobile if you like,  as it gentle  moves when there is an easterly wind blowing. I've  made a video of the movement. 

Depledge Rd is one of the few back country roads  in Waitpinga that has some substantive  roadside vegetation. Most of the roads in the area have been cleared. The trees that remain are often seen as sources for free  firewood.

This is an alternative version. A more macro one:

I don't know how long the bark  will hang  there before the  wind and rain  breaks it up.