Kuitpo Forest

This picture was made whilst I was walking the poodles in the  Kuitpo Forest  after they had been clipped at the Mt Barker Dog Grooming Salon.  We pass the Kuitpo  Forest  on our way back to Encounter Bay,  and it is a good afternoon walking area for the poodles.  

The picture was made in 2015. I haven't made any film images in Kuitpo  Forest   since then--just digital ones.  

tree, Waitpinga

This is another  local tree. It is  on the roadside of a country road in Waitpinga, South Australia that I often walk down.   

The  picture was made in 2016 whilst I was on an early  morning  poodlewalk.

I discovered last night that Sophie Cunningham  has a tree of the day Instagram account.  Mary Macpherson   has a book of trees in New Zealand called Bent.  I am sure that there are other photographers photographing tree apart from Beth Moon.