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roadside vegetation and a shift to video

This  picture of roadside vegetation was made in late January whilst I was on an early morning  poodlewalk along Depledge Road in Waitpinga  with Kayla:

I've  started thinking about the possibilities of making a video showing the  early morning light starting to move across the trunk of the  trees whilst  I have been making these kind of photos of roadside vegetation.  Photographing  along Depledge Rd and in the adjacent bushland  has made me very aware that light is constantly moving.     

 In so  thinking  I have assumed  that  video is an extension of still photography. Video represents movement -- eg., light and wind -- that is beyond the capabilities of still photography.  So video is supplementary to  still photography,  rather than being quite different in its approach to the photography that I've been  doing on poodlewalks. 

I thought that it  was just  a matter of putting  a video-centric  camera on a tripod,  turning it  on, and letting it  record for a couple of minutes as the morning light slowly moves across the trees. That is the iPhone approach -- just do it.  

It  was quickly pointed out to me that the problem with this approach was that  the subsequent  video would appear to be extremely  boring to the viewer -- akin to watching paint dry.  

Another early morning photograph of  roadside vegetation along Depledge Rd in Waitpinga: 

Watching paint dry is quite different to creating an  atmosphere or mood.  

So it looks like I will have to  do some research on how to make a video,  as well as  undertake  some basic training in what is involved in both using a video  camera  and editing the video file in software to create an atmosphere or mood.  I suspect that a steep learning curve is ahead of me,  if I want to start doing some v-logging.