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Waitpinga bushland: early morning

On some of the recent  early morning poodlewalks with Kayla  I have been wandering in the local bushland in Waitpinga.  I was scouting and scoping for some possibilities for a  large format photo session. I am looking for something simple and basic that can  done in the early morning  during the summer months. Early in this context means no later than half an hour after sunrise.  

This is one possibility that I came across:

 However, I'm not sure that I could find this particular trunk and branch again. I will need to spend time looking for it and if I find it, then laying a trail to guide me back to it.

This is another possibility that I came across on a  different walk: 

It's the same situation as above. I have no idea where this. My memory is  foggy.  

The photos were made on different days and this  makes it difficult to remember the exact locations.  I did return to, and walk around  the bushland searching   for these branches a few days latter. I couldn't find them. It was an overcast morning and everything in the bush looked different.  I wasn't able to retrace my steps.