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Depledge Rd, Waitpinga

This picture of roadside vegetation was made on an early  morning poodlewalk on a dusty road in Waitpinga with Kayla:

I have avoided walking in the bush or the country roads this summer because of the brown snakes. 

KI Wetlands

A dead tree in the wetlands near American River on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.  Whilst  there on a brief holiday I returned to  areas that I knew from previous visits as well as  quickly  exploring new ones.  

The wetlands near American River   were an area that I'd previously visited. It had pretty much dried out,  and sadly, many of the trees were dead. 

Kuitpo Forest

This picture was made whilst I was walking the poodles in the  Kuitpo Forest  after they had been clipped at the Mt Barker Dog Grooming Salon.  We pass the Kuitpo  Forest  on our way back to Encounter Bay,  and it is a good afternoon walking area for the poodles.  

The picture was made in 2015. I haven't made any film images in Kuitpo  Forest   since then--just digital ones.  

Inman River

Made whilst on a recent  poodlewalk around the Inman River in Victor Harbor with Suzanne. 

 The Inman is one of the two rivers that flow through Victor Harbor. The other one is the Hindmarsh River. 

roadside tree, Waitpinga

This tree is roadside vegetation.  It  is on Baum Rd, Waitpinga. Baum Rd is a back country road that I often walk along on our poodlewalks. 

The photograph was made in the autumn of 2018. I have photographed it before, but I've never been happy with the results. So I had another go recently. 

tree, Hindmarsh Estuary

Made in 2010 whilst I was on a poodlewalk around the estuary of the Hindmarsh River in Victor Harbor, South Australia. 

The Melaleuca is still there, but it  is  different as it   lost a lot  of its foliage. 

Lake Alexandrina

From 2010

We were on a drive around Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert

tree, Midlands, Tasmania

A tree in the agricultural landscape of the Midlands in Tasmania:

The photo was made in 2011. It started raining soon after the photo was made.


tree, Safety Beach

This  picture was made at Safety Beach on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria  in 2010:

It was an overcast afternoon and IU was walking along the path along the foreshore. 

tree, Waitpinga

This is another  local tree. It is  on the roadside of a country road in Waitpinga, South Australia that I often walk down.   The road is Baum Rd. 

The  picture was made in 2016 whilst I was on an early  morning  poodlewalk.

I discovered last night that Sophie Cunningham  has a tree of the day Instagram account.  Mary Macpherson   has a book of trees in New Zealand called Bent.  I am sure that there are other photographers photographing tree apart from Beth Moon.