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landscape photography and narration

Like the Littoral Zone and poodlewalks this Rhizomes blog has been on the back burner since September,  even though I have been walking in the local bushland with Maya (in the morning) and Maleko (in the afternoon) and continuing to make photos whilst on the poodlewalks.  

There was even the occasional  photo session, such as this one, which was an early morning photo session on Boxing Day, 2023.  

It was an early morning photo session on Halls Creek Rd, which  is a minor link road that is part of the Heysen Trail in Waitpinga.  It has little traffic and so it is safe to both walk along with Maya and to stop to make photos.      

roadside vegetation and a shift to video

This  picture of roadside vegetation was made in late January whilst I was on an early morning  poodlewalk along Depledge Road in Waitpinga  with Kayla:

I've  started thinking about the possibilities of making a video showing the  early morning light starting to move across the trunk of the  trees whilst  I have been making these kind of photos of roadside vegetation.  Photographing  along Depledge Rd and in the adjacent bushland  has made me very aware that light is constantly moving.     

 In so  thinking  I have assumed  that  video is an extension of still photography. Video represents movement -- eg., light and wind -- that is beyond the capabilities of still photography.  So video is supplementary to  still photography,  rather than being quite different in its approach to the photography that I've been  doing on poodlewalks. 

Waitpinga bushland

I took  a break from sitting in front of the  computer working on The Bowden Archives and Industrial Modernity book by wandering around the local bushland on a poodlewalk with Kayla. Sitting in front of the computer was getting to me. 

This particular poodlewalk  was early in the morning.This photo would have been made  just after  sunrise--about 40 minutes into the walk. I hadn't been walking in this bushland for a while. 

Halls Creek Rd, Waitpinga #2

I mentioned in an earlier  post  that I had made a photographic study of these two trees at the beginning of Halls Creek Rd in Waitpinga with  my medium format film camera (a Rolleiflex SL66).   The study is below, and the picture  was made  early in the morning during the winter of  2019. 

It was  just after the early morning sun came above the hill and  early morning light  lit up the roadside corner.

I had forgotten all about this study until I returned to this Tugwell/Halls Creek Rd location early one morning during the Covid-19 lockdown to photograph this scene for the online Covid-19 exhibition at Encounters Gallery.  

Halls Creek Rd, Waitpinga

This picture of two eucalypts standing at the Tugwell Rd entrance to  Halls Creek Rd  in Waitpinga was made on an early morning winter.  I   was on a  poodlewalk  with Kayla: 

I also photographed these trees  with  a Rolleiflex SL66 in both colour and black and white.  

Currency Creek

Currency Creek  is one of the places that Suzanne, myself and the standard poodles sometimes  go to for a bit of an outing. It's a pleasant walk alongside the creek up to the boundary of the  farmland.   This picture was made in 2010. 

The creek flows into Lake Alexandrina. Currency Creek is more  known for its cemetery and wineries these days.