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walking Depledge Rd #2: bark

This picture is a  follow up  to this post on walking along Depledge Rd in Waitpinga in May 2022. 

The above  picture was made on an early morning walk in late May 2022.  It is a close-up  interpretation  of this picture,  and it  was made with a 10 year old  digital camera. There  is a  b+w  interpretation made with a 60 year old film camera. 

The hanging bark along Depledge Rd no longer exists. The gale force winter winds tore it to shreds.  

These early morning Depledge Rd walks with Kayla are what I call micro ones. They are about an hour in length and they involve walking north/south along Depledge Road,  then wandering back to the parked  car through the adjacent bushland.  

It is a case of walking slowly and closely looking whilst within the bushland. It is low light early in the morning on the cusp of autumn/winter.