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Waitpinga-bush reserve

Whilst on the early morning poodlewalks with Kayla  I have  started to explore a small bush "reserve" running alongside agricultural land and Depledge Rd in Waitpinga.  I presume that this  small block of native bushland  has been put aside  from the old Waitpinga landcare programme.  

Kayla and I  usually walk  along the adjacent  Depledge  Rd  from  6.30 to 7.15 am, then around sunrise we enter the bush "reserve" and wander within it  for around 45  minutes. I am looking for possible photographic subjects and occasionally I  do come across one --such as the one  above. 

It is taking many visits to become familiar with this block of land. The  main  problem  I have (apart from the rain and wind)  is  trying to find the  selected possible photographic subjects  the next time when the weather conditions are more suitable. 

It is very easy to  wander around  in circles whilst trying to remember where the specific tree was.