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pink gum, Jagger Rd, Waitpinga

This particular pink gum on Jagger Rd is close to  the corner of Jagger and Baum Rds in Waitpinga. It is an area where we often go for our poodwalks. 

On this occasion we were returning  to the studio via a back country road in the Forester. We had  been at   a photo session on  agricultural landscapes    and as we came to the corner  I saw the last rays of afternoon light falling across the  trunk of pink gum. I stopped the car, picked up the  digital camera and made the photo. 

Halls Creek Rd, Waitpinga

This picture of two eucalypts standing at the Tugwell Rd entrance to  Halls Creek Rd  in Waitpinga was made on an early morning winter.  I   was on a  poodlewalk  with Kayla: 

I also photographed these trees  with  a Rolleiflex SL66 in both colour and black and white.