Thoughtfactory: Rhizomes

bark, trees, roads, bushland

pink gum branch

Kayla and I made a  brief return the local  patch of bush in Waitpinga last week.   We had not walked around  there since late spring. We had stayed away  over the summer months because of the brown snakes. In early autumn I  decided that it would be safe early in the morning around sunrise as the early morning temperatures was cool.  

So Kayla and I had a  quick poodlewalk one morning when it wasn't heavily overcast to check things out. It is quite dark in this patch of bush early in the morning,  and the heavily overcast skies make it difficult to  take photos handheld. It was safe. We haven't been back since because of the heavy cloud cover in the morning. 

In the late afternoon during the summer months  I had been photographing  bush subjects along the side of the backcountry roads. 

The roads chosen to walk along were those that had some  infrequent traffic.I reasoned  that  this  would  scare away the snakes basking on the side of the road in the sun. So it was safe for Maleko and myself to walk along.