Thoughtfactory: Rhizomes

bark, trees, roads, bushland


This was made in the early morning in the local Waitpinga bushland. Or to be more precise it was 7.15 am on the 29th December 2021. It was one of the last photos I made in 2021. It was one of the few sunny mornings  of this cool and windy summer. 

Afterwards,  Kayla  and I  walked around the bushland for another 30 minutes taking the odd photo.   There was little traffic on Depledge Rd, or even on the central Waitpinga Rd to the beach and surf.  Depledge Rd and the roadside vegetation was dry and dusty -- it hadn't rained for a while. The main sound that morning was the buzzing of the bees.

The photo  was part of a large format photo session.  After Kayla and I had  walked up and down Depledge Rd between 6 and 7am I picked up the large format gear from the Forester  and walked into the bushland for the photo session.

Timing was crucial as the sun only  shines through the trees onto this branch for a couple of minutes. Fortunately for me no clouds came in to block the sun that morning and there was little coastal wind.