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bark, trees, roads, bushland

early morning on Baum Rd

It has been extremely windy along the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula during  this last week or so. Gusty westerly winds  over 50km/h with rain. This picture of roadside vegetation  was made on a  quiet morning on a day in early November when the rest of  my  day was being  spend in front of a computer  trying to finish the essay on aesthetics for the Adelaide Art Photographers 1970-2000 book.  

The morning  was a moment of respite  between the days of wild, windy weather:

 I was on an early morning poodlewalk with Kayla. As it is  spring  I only walk along the Heysen Trail   or  the back country roads in the early  morning.   The brown snakes are out and about in the late  afternoon.  They are very active at the moment  and they are quite hard to see amongst the grassy road side when  I walk along these back country roads   with the poodles.