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bark, trees, roads, bushland

branches, Waitpinga

It has been a cold,  wet, windy,   spring so far. We have had so much rain along the southern coast fo the Fleurieu Peninsula.   However, there were  a few days of fine weather between the days of steady rain in early October,  and so we were able to wander  around the local bushland in Waitpinga. 

This  picture was made  in the early morning inbetween  the rains sweeping across the coast:    

It  is a  grounded  branch of a pink gum in local bushland in Waitpinga.  The tree  is growing along the ground. 

This is another branch of a pink gum in the same bushland made around  in late September  just before the rains came.   

I can never find these  branches when I have wanted  to re-photograph them with a film camera.  I simply cannot remember where they are,  and I suspect that the subsequent strong winds  would have torn the loose bark off the branch.  Occasionally I stumble across the first one but I have spent ages looking for the second  one without luck.  


I finally managed to find  the second branch. There have been a couple of  sunny mornings of late and  that has allowed me to spend time wandering around the bushland. I came across it yesterday morning and I re-photographed it with the Rolleiflex SL66 this morning.